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Congratulations David Curtis: Arts Lab book

Congratulations to David Curtis, colleague and friend of the Jim Haynes Living Archive on the forthcoming publication of his new book : London’s Arts Labs and the 60s Avant-Garde (Oct 2020, JOHN LIBBEY & CO LTD).

Curtis was the original cinema curator for Jim Haynes’s London Drury Lane Arts Lab, and has put together his unique perspective on the counterculture. As the first cinema director to import cutting-edge work like Warhol’s Chelsea Girls to London, he plays a strong role in a quantum cultural shift that was underway during the Swinging 60s — that contributed, in part, to the abolishment of censorship in the UK.

After the Labs, David went on to serve as a member of the British Arts Council as an officer for special projects – a new post created to address the creative growth in society that was instigated by the lab and other movements.

I am proud to have collaborated and shared some of the JHLA with David, and in a small way supported the genesis of this great new book.

Pre-orders are available here: https://www.bookdepository.com/Londons-Arts-Labs-and-the-60s-Avant-Garde-David-Curtis/9780861967483

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