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Jim’s Club at Napier archive advisors & groupies

“People are my addiction” -Jim Haynes

Jim has always maintained and open-door policy, and welcomes friends to collaborate and participate in all parts of his life.

From the Edinburgh Paperback Bookshop, to the Traverse Theatre Club, London Drury Lane Arts Lab, and on to his famous Paris Sunday Dinners … thanks for coming!

Jim’s Club at Napier is a group of friends, enthusiasts, groupies and invited guests who gather whenever they fancy to inform, enhance and advise the Jim Haynes Living Archives at Napier.

Jim’s Club will also be hosting several kickoff events, talks, lectures and exhibitions in the future.

Jim’s Club Founding Members
Astrid Silins
Linda Dryden
Martin Belk
Linda Crooks

In Memoriam
John Calder
Angi Lamb

If you’d like to get in on the gigs, please drop us a line:
jimsclub [at ] jim-haynes.info